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SOS Direct 24/24 hours!

If you need help, call us now and we will be happy to find a quick solution. An emergency, a breakdown service or assistance, our qualified technicians are available immediately!

Focus on what you like to do! Delegate the rest to SOS Direct !

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Our trades are made up of highly qualified men and women who are ready to intervene quickly and efficiently.

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Thanks to our experience you will receive up to €1750 in premiums!

Call now, we advise you by phone for a quick solution. We also offer FREE telephone support.

Emergency repairs from 19€!

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years of


SOSDIRECT is a team of experienced professionals, thanks to our 20 years of experience in the field of assistance, troubleshooting and consulting we make life easier for our customers, advising them is a duty for SOSDIRECT, finding the most appropriate solutions is our asset.

Stop the stress, you have an idea, thanks to our team we will make your dreams come true. We take care of your projects from A to Z. Finally with SOSDIRECT your ideas can see the light. The follow-up is assured with a guaranteed result.

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